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Entrevista Dr. Pedro Mendes Ferreira | 06.11.2015 pelas 21h0...


estrangeiros pedem para pagar menos impostos em Portugal

Já não são só os greens, o clima e a gastronomia que atr...




Corporate Governance, Law Firm of the Year in Portugal

Corporate INTL Magazine 2012 Global Awards, I have the pleasure of informing you that your firm has been nominated for the award - Corporate Governance, Law Firm of the Year in Portugal. Our research department has been conducting extensive reviews, drawing insight from business leaders throughout the world and taking in suggestions over the past 12 months to produce a shortlist of firms for your category. In particular we have spent the past 12 weeks working through tens of thousands of nomination forms that we have received back from the following sources: • The readership of Corporate INTL Magazine, which is distributed to over 70,000 individuals each month, all of which are either investors in business, leaders of companies or advisers for those businesses on a global level • Our database of over 250,000 individual partners of law firms and accountants throughout the world. • Our database of over 200,000 in-house counsel of businesses operating publicly and privately, varying in size from private mid-market to leading publicly listed companies around the world • Our database of over 100,000 CFO’s, CEO’s and Directors of Medium-Large sized businesses around the world • The financial community, Investment Managers, Private Equity Investors, Investment Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Business Bankers, Asset Based Lenders and Wealthy Individuals Corporate INTL has spent the past 10 years building up our data to ensure that the awards we run are not only the most in depth, but ensure that the most relevant people in the world of business have the opportunity to vote for their trusted advisers and associates. We assessed all of the information received and have decided on a shortlist for each award; there is a maximum of just 5 firms on the shortlist for the award.


Dec.º Lei 141/88



24 horas 07 outubro 2008



Orçamento do Estado (OE) para 2012



mendes ferreira & associados | JN 04.01.2014 - Concurso Publico Prestação Serviços Juridicos Câm



Intervenção da Ministra da Justiça, Paula Teixeira da Cruz